Photography :]

What is photography?

Photography is when you take a photo of objects or people.  Photography is common at weddings, birthday parties and literally anywhere in the world.

Why do I like photography?

I like photography because I like taking photos and it keeps me busy at times.  It also helps me capture the things that people don’t really see and discover the unbelievable. It also lets me capture the beauty that no one really notices at times.  I think that people should stop and look around us to see the beauty that the world has given us.  I also don’t think that people should worry about anything and just relax.

How did I get into photography?

What inspired me to do photography is my cousin, Reece. My cousin Reece is a photographer and teaches me how to capture really good photos.  My very first big event was my godmother’s baby shower and I do a lot more photography at big events.

My photos on the top are an example of my photography work.  I wanted to capture the bright, beautiful colours in our learning community.


Do you like photography? Why?

What is your favourite photo from the four above? Why?


Thanks for reading! 🙂